Download GarageBand For HP Laptop 2018 - SoundTrap App

GarageBand For HP Laptop: In this article I will be going through various steps required to download GarageBand for HP Laptop, so that you can start creating music on your HP laptop right away. The best part about Soundtrap app is that it is free to download which is obviously a good thing but there are some more features which will amaze you. This app is around 4MB in size only, which means it might take less than a minute to download and install the app thoroughly. Soundtrap app is less in size because it uses Internet to load all its features and components online so that you can use them right away. Even the browser version serves the same purpose as it can load all virtual instruments; loop from online with the help of Internet connection.
Download GarageBand For HP Laptop 2017
Download GarageBand For HP Laptop 2017
Since Soundtrap is released for most of the desktop and mobile platforms, we can make use of cloud saving future perfectly. In this way when you save one project on a mobile platform, you can reopen and edit it on another mobile or even on a desktop platform as well. In this way you can always be in touch with your projects and make necessary corrections anytime you like.

GarageBand App Laptop Features 

So you might ask why would I need to use music production studio like GarageBand, and the reason is quite simple. It is so because apps like GarageBand has tons of amazing features that help you to record virtual instruments and create beats on the go. So, people prefer to use such music studio which helps them to make music similar to professional artist right from their desktop or laptop.
  • The app interface seems to be quite easy even though it has lots of different features 
  • You can use among the different virtual instruments and record them while you play 
  • We can connect and play real instrument, which is an add bonus to real life artists 
  • It allows us to publish our final audio to different social media sites too 
  • We can add multiple track layers each filled with different instrument audio 
  • You can save your master audio and export it in MP3 format! 

How To Download GarageBand For HP Laptop – Install GarageBand On HP Windows 7/10/8 

Let me keep the download process simple because GarageBand for HP laptops is not accessible because, this it has not been released for Windows platform. So we have to use an alternative to it and we are going to use Soundtrap, which can be downloaded for free of cost.

The Soundtrap app has been released for Windows, Mac and other mobile platforms including Android & IOS OS as well. So we are going to use Soundtrap which can be accessed from Microsoft Store for Windows 8 & 10 OS. On the other hand they have also released a chrome plugin which can be installed on your Chrome browser and this is free of cost as well.
Download GarageBand For HP Laptop 2017
Download GarageBand For HP Laptop 2017
  • First you will have to visit from your browser 
  • Then scroll down and click on “Get it from Microsoft” button 
  • Next Soundtrap will open in Microsoft Store and click on “Install” button 
  • Then the app will be downloaded and automatically begins to install as well 
  • Finally in less than a minute we will have installed the app successfully! 


So whether you consider downloading GarageBand for HP laptop or any other Windows OS based laptop, we have to use an alternative to it. In this article I have discussed about how you can download GarageBand for HP laptops which are running on Windows OS.
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