How To Use GarageBand To Record Voice On MAC, iPhone/iPad 2018

Record Voice On GarageBand: We all know that GarageBand app is one of the best music studio of all time with some great features. So it is common that it already has millions of users who use it globally to create music and publish them on social media as well. But if you are just starting to use this app then you might have to learn about the basic stuff and working as well. Though GarageBand has lots of different features but once you understand the working, you can create music easily.

Creating music and beats may be one part but do you know how you can convert music into songs? Well the answer is simple we have to add vocals of the songs, which means we have to add lyrics voiceover along with the music. Well it is quite simple to make music and beats but the main thing is how we can add the voiceover vocals. There are different ways by which we can add our song vocals to the master audio and in this guide we will be sharing those methods.
Well most of the times users try to record songs vocals from separate software with use of microphone but this method is time taking. But we can learn how to record voice on GarageBand app directly which will reduce use of another software. In this article I will be sharing a method which will help you learn how to record voice on GarageBand app directly.
How To Use GarageBand To Record Voice On MAC, iPhone/iPad 2017
How To Use GarageBand To Record Voice On MAC, iPhone/iPad 2017
So you can make use of GarageBand to record voice and vocals such that they can be added to different tracks. In this way we will be able to record and insert voice vocals of different songs into a single track and finally it will give an absolute outcome.

GarageBand Voice Recording Option 

Apple Inc has produced many amazing software in the past and GarageBand app is one of them. It has quite amazing features which makes it the best music studio in the world. Today we are going to discuss about one of its features which is recording option. This option is used alongside virtual instruments to record and store their sounds in different audio tracks. We can use this option to record real instruments that can be plugged through USB or different jacks to the desktop system.

But one of the main reasons about this option is that we can connect Microphone and record vocals directly as well. In this way you can make music or beats on the GarageBand app and use record option to insert voiceover as well. Finally we will be able to make our own professional song which has beats, music and vocals as well.

How To Record Voice On GarageBand 2018

As we know that adding vocals and voices to our tracks in GarageBand can be very useful, and in turn we can simply make our beats into real songs easily. So now I will be sharing different steps involved in recording voice on GarageBand app.
Make sure to follow the below instructions carefully and it will be a play of hands to master this tutorial.
How To Use GarageBand To Record Voice On MAC, iPhone/iPad 2017
How To Use GarageBand To Record Voice On MAC, iPhone/iPad 2017
  • First you have to open GarageBand app, start new project and create music 
  • Next select the top track and click on circle button > Real Instrument 
  • Now select Microphone icon and then continue as below 
  • Next select the Track with Microphone instrument, and click on Record button 
  • Your vocals will be recorded now as you begin to sing 
  • Finally when you are done recording, click on stop button and adjust the track 
  • This is how we can record our voice with the help of GarageBand app and Microphone! 


Finally now you have learned how to record voice on GarageBand app without any problem in no time. So now you will be able to use GarageBand to record voice, vocals from headphones or microphone and add them to the tracks.
Thank you for reading this article about how to record voice on GarageBand on different platforms and if you still have any doubts then let us know them in the comments section.
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