How To Download GarageBand Plugins 2018

Install GarageBand Plugins: Music studio software like GarageBand need different plugins and addons which make them worthy to use. Plugins can be different audio inputs such as audio instruments such as Piano, Guitar and many other virtual instruments as well. On the other hand non instrument audio inputs are simple audio inputs which can be added to the master audio.

In this article I will explain you the importance of GarageBand plugins and at the same time also show how to install them as well. It is important to make use of new plugins and addons to improve our music studio features, such that we can make amazing beats and sounds.
How To Download GarageBand Plugins 2017
How To Download GarageBand Plugins 2018

GarageBand Plugins And Addons Use: 

So before I show you how to add or install any sound/instrument plugins to the music you are making on GarageBand. You should learn more about the plugins we are talking about, how they can be useful for making music even better.
  • Let us assume that you have recorded a instrument which is a type of plugin as well, it means that you can add different virtual instrument plugins on the go. On the other hand there are already recorded instrument audio which you can make use of anytime. 
  • Next comes the Effect plugins which bring different effects on your master audio or layer of audios to make music even better. We can different effects such as reverb, delay and compressors as well along with dozens of different available ones.

How To Download And Install GarageBand Plugins 2018

So we have two types of addons or plugin which include audio unit and the second one is audio unit instruments. I will explain you how to add both types of plugin on your GarageBand app, so that you can make your music better with new audio instruments and all.

How To Add Audio Unit GarageBand Plugin

  •  First step is to open the GarageBand app on your Mac desktop or laptop platform
  • After that we have to click on the Inspector button which will open Smart Control Inspector
  • Next we have to head over to the plugin are and then select the effect, to add to an empty slot
  • Finally add the effect from empty slot to your master audio!

How To Add Audio Unit Instrument GarageBand Plugin 

  • Open your GarageBand app and then click on “Inspector Button” under the Smart Controls option Then it will open Smart Control Inspector and next under Plugin > Select Instrument 
  • Next you will have to click on AU Generators or AU instruments 
  • After selecting either of the above, you have to select the preferred plugin from sub menu again Finally select and add any of the instrument audio plugin to your music!


Most of the music creation software in the market offer free plugins and also paid ones, but we have to select which ones to install. In this guide you have learned how to install GarageBand plugin easily, and in this way you can make use of new features and all. If you still have any doubt or confusion while using this tutorial on GarageBand plugins installation guide, then let us know your problem in the below comments section.
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