Download GarageBand For MAC OS X 2018

GarageBand For Mac Download: We all love to listen to electronic and main stream music that is created by professionals across the globe. Bu did you ever wonder that you can create the same professional music like PROs from your Mac desktop as well. If you don’t believe me then you might want to know about the app which can help you create amazing music from your laptop and desktop screen. We are talking about GarageBand app for Mac, which is music creation software by Apple Inc. It has been released for IOS and Mac desktop, Laptop platforms that allow users to create amazing music through their app interface.

The GarageBand app has complete set of 9 different acoustic and electronic drum sets and consist different drummer lesions that we can take on and build better music. Other than this the app interface is quite easy which makes it simple for users to add different virtual music instruments and use them as well. At the end of the day we will have to use different virtual instruments and record the music we create and overlap them to make pro music.
Download GarageBand For MAC OS X 2017
Download GarageBand For MAC OS X 2018
On the other hand we have 1200 different music loops that we can add to our songs and music that will make it even better. You can ultimately create hip hop and amazing DJ like music of different genre, and share them online social media as well. Our article is totally based on how to get GarageBand Free Mac version, so you can follow the remaining article to know how to get it installed.

GarageBand For Mac Features – GarageBand Free Mac Download 

We have discussed about many of the app features in our recent articles and in the introduction of this article as well. But still there are some new features that have been added to this music production app that we are discussing now.
  • A new whole drum set has been added which makes it more than 9 drum sets on the app that you can use to create different hip hop music. 
  • Since the release of MacBook touch bar, you can use it on GarageBand to play different instruments virtually through screen touch which gives a whole lot better experience. 
  • Other than this the latest version has been updated with major bug fixes, so that the app will not crash and you can use it for longer period without any issues as well. 
Well you might be wondering that this download guide is only for GarageBand for Mac desktop but not for the laptop version of Mac. So let me tell you that GarageBand for MacBook Pro and Air is also possible, and the download steps are same as that of Mac desktop version. You can follow the post that will explain in you detail the steps that are involved in installing GarageBand app for Mac OS.

Download GarageBand For MAC OS X 2018 – Install GarageBand App For Mac OS Download 

Well you should know that the latest version of GarageBand is an improved version of the app itself with support to touch bar and more features as well. So as I already said I will be showing the steps which will help you to download GarageBand for Mac desktop platform.
  • First open your Mac desktop or laptop, and then open App store or iTunes 
  • Next head over to search and enter “GarageBand” then click on install button 
  • Then the app will begin to download and you have to wait until installation begins 
  • Once the installation is begun wait as it is being installed on your Mac platform 
  • Finally in few minutes we will have successfully installed GarageBand on Mac OS X! 
So once the GarageBand app has been installed on your Mac computer, then you can start using it right away from the apps section. But I prefer to create shortcut version of apps on the desktop screen so that I can open them right away. So I advise you to save a GarageBand app icon on the home screen such that you can open the app and start creating music with a single click.


In this article we have discussed about GarageBand app for Mac download guide, which include installation steps for both Mac desktop and laptop version as well. We have also discussed some of the new features that make GarageBand even better. I hope you have found our article helpful and resourceful as well, if you have any question then post them in comments section.
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