Download GarageBand For Tablet Android 2018

GarageBand For Tablet Android: If you like to make music like popular DJ artist then I guess you would really love to use GarageBand app. This is really an amazing music studio application that has great editing, mixing and audio virtual instruments available. It is really simple to use as well but as a matter of fact, you will find it easy because the app interface seems simple.
Well if you are wondering what this article is about, then let me tell you that we will be going to discuss about GarageBand alternatives. We all know that GarageBand app is not released for Android platform so you might be worried how would you install it then? So we are going to review few alternatives of GarageBand app such that, we can pick one of the best music studios for Android tablets among them.
 Download GarageBand For Tablet Android 2017
Download GarageBand For Tablet Android 2018
And moreover this article title is kind of picky, which is GarageBand for Tablet and I am sure you might have questions regarding it. Well we have seen and reviewed different GarageBand alternatives for Android devices, but most of them are focused about PALM sized devices. And in this article we are going to discuss and review few different music studio app which can be used on Tablet sized Android devices.

How To Download GarageBand For Tablet Android – Best GarageBand Alternative For Android OS 2017 

So let us get straight into the review of these 4 amazing GarageBand alternative for Android OS 2017.
  • Magic Music Maker JAM 

So you might have heard about music beats, but did you ever wonder creating such beats would be so easy on your Android device? Well with the help of Magic Music Maker Jam app for Android we can make use of different loops, musical chunks and create different musical beats on the go. At the same time you get a pretty decent looking interface, which allow us to use 8 channel mixers. In this way we can make use of 100 different music styles present on this app that lets you make music creatively.

Finally when you are done with making the final master audio, then simple click on save to export the audio file. Or else you can even select to share the audio file on social media with your friends and viewers to watch as well.
  • PocketBand – Social DAW 

PocketBand is a creative music studio app for Android platform which is also a combination of music studio with an online music community on the go. In this way when you are one making your music or beats, then you can share them with your fellow artists in the community.

It has almost every important feature that DAW software requires and it is quite easy to handle as well. And the important thing is that it has got 12 channel mixer which gives high scopes of creating better music.
  • Walk Band 

Walk Band is virtual music software that has been specially made for Android tablets, with lots of impressive instruments, effects and more. You can even connect external MIDI keyboard which is quite an impressive option as we can attach external devices to play and record. It also features multi track along with synthesizer which gives real instrument sounds all the way.
  • FL Studio 

You might already have heard about FL Studio which is one of the most popular DAW software for PC, and it also has an Android version too. So it is multiple track music studios which is quite handy to use, consists most of the PC version features and comes with more than 133 different virtual instruments. It has tons of different sound and beat effects such as claps, kicks and many more. On the other hand we can also apply sound effects such as Reverb, Delay and more which can bring awesome music.


Well thank you for reading this article and I am sure you will have picked your favorite GarageBand alternatives from the above list. Now you will be able to pick the best alternative of GarageBand for Tablets on Android platform. So now open your Android Tablet and start creating awesome music on the go which you can share with your friends and family. If you like us to add any music creation tool on our list, then leave the name of the software in the below comments section.
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