How To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7 6 2018

How To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7: GarageBand on iPhone and iPad is a creative way of making use of different impressive instruments on the screen and turn them into professional music. The concept behind this app is simple, you will find different virtual instruments on the screen and you simply have to tap, swipe and click to record all instrument sounds while you play them.

Apple released GarageBand for different IOS related devices which include iPhone, iPad and iPod as well. And when it comes to Mac platform we can use it on all desktop and laptop versions, so you can use it on both desktop and mobile platform without any problem.
How To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7 6 2017
How To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7 6 2018
There are many popular artists in the Internet arena which include YouTube and SoundCloud that use GarageBand to make amazing music, beats that millions of people love. Now it is your time to turn the tables and simply get started on to the journey of creating amazing music. Keep aside the music making, do you wish to be a professional DJ artist then this app is for you. It is so because GarageBand features instruments, loops and editing software that gives you access to creating DJ like music and beats.

Why To Use GarageBand On iPhone 6 – Do I Really Need To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7 

So most of the times I love to create ringtones and different beats that can be used as ringtones because it is fun to listen to different music that you create. And this is the reason why I use GarageBand on iPhone to make ringtones. But you might like to use this music studio for a different purpose, you might want to create beats with voiceover and share them with your friends on social media. Or else you might want to work on video sharing networks like YouTube, and content curators with great music skills are highly appreciated.

And you might want to give YouTube a try, because you can share your music video with millions of people across the globe. While GarageBand also allows saving MP3 format which means we can share our music and songs on Audio sharing network like SoundCloud to gain more followers and popularity.

Whatever may be the reason but there are some basic instructions and tutorials which you need to follow to excel in using GarageBand on iPhone 7.

How To Use GarageBand On iPhone 7 

So once you have installed the GarageBand app on iPhone you need to run the app and on the home screen we can find the “+” ICON on top left corner. Click on the link and new file will open where we can add different tracks, instrument and record under each track to ultimately create either music or a beat.
  • First select a single track and then select which instrument you want to add on it 
  • Then click on “Add Instrument” icon which will add the instrument, for example “Guitar” and you can see Guitar on the screen 
  • Click on record button and start playing the guitar and finally guitar beat will be added to the first track 
  • Similarly select different tracks and play others instrument, while recording them 
  • Finally play all the tracks and make sure the beats are aligned perfectly! 
After creating a Ringtone on iPhone using GarageBand app, once you are done creating the music click on “Export” or “Share” button. After that you will be asked to save music as and you need to select “Ringtone” which will then ask you to save and set this ringtone to your iPhone directly. And finally you will be able to use GarageBand on iPhone to make ringtone and set it directly as well.


So these were few of the tips and tutorials that I love to share with my readers and I believe you can easily learn how to use GarageBand on iPhone. If you are looking into a detailed guide then I advise you to use the app for yourself, experience the app while you learn from basic steps. There are different tutorials present on the app which we can use for free to understand more about GarageBand app.
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